Porcelanatoliquido3d Breville VBL136 Blend Active Personal Blender, 300 W, 50Hz - Blue:Porcelanatoliquido3d
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Breville VBL136 Blend Active Personal Blender, 300 W, 50Hz - Blue:Porcelanatoliquido3d

Breville Published in October 21, 2018, 12:11 am
 Breville VBL136 Blend Active Personal Blender, 300 W, 50Hz - Blue:Porcelanatoliquido3d

Breville VBL136 Blend Active Personal Blender, 300 W, 50Hz - Blue:Porcelanatoliquido3d

Price:£25.99+ Free shipping with Grabeverything Prime

The 3 of Us
The 3 of Us Reply to on 4 January 2018
Amazing. Its so easy and simple to use. Takes less than 5 mins to make a delicious smoothie. Its so quick and easy. Chuck whatever fruit/veg and liquid you want in your bottle. You can buy frozen premade smoothie mixes from supermarkets (no need to defrost) which makes the process even quicker. Screw on the blade. (The blade attachment fits directly onto the bottle so no big jug to clean afterwards.) Hold the blend button to blend takes about 1 or 2 minutes depending on what your making. Unscrew blade attach bottle head and your done. Only cleaning required is the blades and that is super easy too.
You can even make iced coffees 😋.
It takes up hardly any room on the side. This is the best smoothie maker, beats the more pricey ones hands down. Comes with 2 bottles.
If you like smoothies or are debating whether or not to give it a go for £18 you can't go wrong. Its worth it and I'm so glad I bought one.
oraCle Reply to on 6 April 2018
Just received so only used twice, 1st to blend my HUEL meal replacement powder and last night with added frozen fruits for a smoothy version. Great little blender so far can't complain at all for £20 (They sell for £30 for all colours at Tesco so on average cheaper on Amazon).
I was worried when reading the instructions, I saw it said to blend for no longer than 30 seconds and leave the blender to rest for 1 minute between each blasts to avoid over heating the motor. Could be why some people report the unit burnt out if they continuously blended for long blasts in 1 go, but to be fair, it is so fast at blending things up, 30 seconds is pretty much enough to get a nice smooth texture. and if you do it in several 10 to 20 seconds blasts, I'm sure it won't heat up.
Anyway, after 2 uses, I am very pleased with my purchase.

Will be trying out to blend my powder with chunks on Avocado when I get home. Should be nice and creamy. Can't wait!!

Update 03/05/2018:
Been using it every day since I bought it and it's still brilliant so far.

Update 09/05/2018:
Alas, as other users have reported, today the blad unit decided to get stuck in place. I have had to turn the blender upside down to unscrew my bottle full of drink without it emptying everywhere.
Tried putting the empty spare bottle on the blade hoping it might loosen and release but no luck.
Have contacted Breville about it just now so waiting for an answer.
It was all going so well, gutted.

PS: Read and found the solution in the Customer questions. Blade is released. All good.
Kaya & Marc
Kaya & Marc Reply to on 2 April 2018
I've been researching a good blender for months. I was leaning towards the more fancy and pricey ones but I took a chance and bought this instead.
I'm shocked with how well this works.
- comes with 2 bottles
- well made and light
- extremely easy to use
- takes few seconds to clean it
- blends in few seconds
- fairly quiet
- amazing price

I honestly cannot find anything wrong to say about it. If you are looking for personal blender with no fuss, look no further.
Steph Reply to on 28 April 2017
Great blender, easy to use, perfect for smoothie making. Has no problem with frozen fruits.
Volkan Paksoy
Volkan Paksoy Reply to on 27 January 2018
Received it today and took it to a test drive. Looking good so far. It's easy to use and clean. It's very compact. I haven't tried with too many different ingredients so I cannot vouch for its strength (i.e if it works for hard fruits/vegetables like carrots or apples). It's a bit louder than I expected but didn't have a similar device before so I don't know how it compares to other blenders. Comes with 2 600ml bottles. A few months ago I spent £6 on a water bottle. This has 2 of them and also the blender so for this price I think it's a great deal. Will update later if anything changes in my initial review.
Lucyloo Reply to on 21 July 2016
I have waited a month before leaving my review because before I purchased this blender I had read quite a few comments about the motor breaking with a few weeks which made me a little dubious.

So far so good, I have had no issues at all and I think it's a great gadget. I have used it twice every day for 4 weeks now to blend smoothies and it still does the job as well as it did on day one. It's great value for money and I did not expect it to be as good or as powerful as it is for the cost so I have been pleasantly surprised.

It's so easy to use, no mess, easy to clean and produces super smooth smoothies at a bargain price! Love it
London Lady
London Lady Reply to on 21 July 2018
Around 6,000 customers have given this blender a five-star rating, and with good reason. It's easy to assemble, easy to use and clean, and although I've only had it a for a week, I'm already making regular orange juice with 'bits', sometimes mixed with carrot juice. However, on my first attempt at orange juice, I ended up with a dry pulp - how was I to know that the gorgeous looking fruits would be so dry inside - so now I only buy the ones marked 'juicy' or 'for juicing'. The method is simple: slice the carrots into thin disks, and pop them into the glass container (bottle) with the orange segments; screw the container into the blade unit, then press and hold the button for 30seconds. My only other experiment has been with strawberry sauce, although 30 seconds was too long and it ended up as a juice, but it was fine poured over ice cream. (Edit: 10 seconds did the trick - put them in whole.) I won't go into more detail, because the other reviewers have done that perfectly, but I will say that this is a real bargain, and I'm looking forward to experimenting with all the recipes in the excellent booklet, eg, making smoothies and juices from frozen fruits (no need to defrost) and iced coffee. Update: six weeks on and still going strong. But the price has really gone up - I bought it for £18!
Lark Reply to on 30 January 2018
I have been using this for a couple days now, tried out some of the recipes in the instruction manual (it contains a number of recipes, smoothies, fruit juice blends and protein drinks) with success, the blender is pretty intuitive to operate but the instructions manual which accompanies it is very clear and easily understood.

The blender unit is very compact, smaller than the average toaster, so I would say that it is something which would be of especial use to anyone who moves often or shares accommodation, such as a student, and not difficult to clean should there be any accidental spills. Included with the blender unit are two plastic bottles with the lids which have snap shut lids on them, the kind I have seen people using in my local gym, I would not put these in a bag though as the lid does not secure like a screw on lid, however, it is easy to open with a flick of the thumb. To operate the blender you open one of these bottles, fill with the ingredients for the blend and screw on the plastic attachment with the blade in it when with a press and twist attach the bottle and attachment to the blender base, there is a helpful marking on the base and another on the blender bottle attachment to assist with alignment. You can have a steady blend or bursts by pressing and holding or pressing and depressing the button.

The unit is noisy but I'll be honest that it is only as noisy as two other blenders which I have owned in the past, these were larger pitcher blender units as opposed to this smaller convenience blender. It is important not to over fill the flasks when blending, also, I found, through trial and error, that if you use too much ice, my ice is dispensed from the fridge freezer unit but I would assume ice from a tray may be the same, or too much frozen fruit chunks form a supermarket ready bag, then these can clump up and freeze together in the middle or end of the flask (at the middle the flask is slightly more narrow). This means that the flask can require a good shake or you need to wait a moment for it to defrost, I would not necessarily say that this is a complaint, just something to be aware of when operating it.

The blades, I have found, are able to operate with ice chunks, frozen fruit chunks (pineapples, mango pieces, mixed berries) without any sticking or grinding, I have not tried it with harder vegetables like carrot chunks but have no reason to suspect that it would not be able to blend as easily as it did the ice chunks. Also, as I say, I have been using it for only a few days, so I can not comment as one other reviewer did about the likely wear and tear on the blades or cost of replacement. On the other hand, as yet another reviewer has stated, there are flasks for the gym, of slightly different and larger design perhaps, which cost about the same or just less than the whole package of two flasks and the blender.

I am looking forward to blending vegetable drinks in this, also making cold soups or preparing soups which can be served heated up, so I will provide updates. This is a product which I have used daily, a few times daily actually, since I have had it and it is much easier to clean and more compact to take out and use and store away again than other blenders I have owned (these issues were largely why I stopped using those blenders actually).

Cleaning can be undertaken largely by wiping it over with a damp cloth, the flasks and their tops can be rinsed clean or washed in the sink, the blade attachment can be rinsed under the tap or washed with a cloth. If not operated properly, ie using the bladed attachment with the flask not properly screwed in place/attached or without the flask in place/attached at all, this is likely to be unsafe, so I would say it should be operated by adults or under close adult supervision.
Maleficent Reply to on 4 March 2018
I love this! Like many others, I was very tempted to buy the nutri-bullet. With the hefty price tag putting me off, I found this! So many good reviews.. And I wasn't disappointed. I use this with frozen fruits and vegetables. Great for soups and fruity sauces for desserts and also for smoothies and milkshakes. I make a strawberry vanilla milkshake for my daughter with vanilla ice cream and frozen berries. She loves it and it's a great way to get some fruit into the kids' diets! It cuts through frozen fruit and ice cubes no problem. Just be sure to fill right to the top to get a good texture!
Z Reply to on 17 May 2018
This I thought was a God send - I could make my protein shake and pack it away quickly.

The problem is that a month or so - the bottles start to leak - lunch bags were soaked with smoothie shake.

Please look for an alternative of better quality.

Contacted Breville - who says - send us money so we can replace it - which I said no thanks.
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