Porcelanatoliquido3d Nutri Ninja 1000W Blender with Auto-iQ - BL480UKMR - Red:Porcelanatoliquido3d
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Nutri Ninja 1000W Blender with Auto-iQ - BL480UKMR - Red:Porcelanatoliquido3d

Nutri Ninja
Nutri Ninja Published in October 20, 2018, 11:14 pm
 Nutri Ninja 1000W Blender with Auto-iQ - BL480UKMR - Red:Porcelanatoliquido3d

Nutri Ninja 1000W Blender with Auto-iQ - BL480UKMR - Red:Porcelanatoliquido3d

Price:£69.99+ Free shipping with Seks-irani Prime

Jack Reply to on 24 September 2017

I came from a Bullet Blender and this is so much better - it's sturdier, feels of better quality, I have never had it leak on me (unlike the Bullet....a lot) and all parts are dish washer safe.

You just throw stuff in it and press Blend. I like the Auto IQ programs, which actually do make a difference for blending better (compared to Bullet).

Cons - the only real con to this product, which BTW is also a con for Bullet and other upside down blenders, is the silicone seal ring in the blender lid. That seal ring gets nasty AF quickly and ideally you would need to pull it out after every use and wash it and the lid. Since you have to do that....you might as well get normal blender, where this process is much, much easier. In the Ninja's defence, getting the seal out is much easier than in a Bullet due to the much better build quality of the Ninja.

It's also worth mentioning that this machine is LOUD! Much louder than the Bullet. I usually load it up, start the auto IQ program.....then leave the kitchen! It really is that loud.

You could either give this product 2 or 5 starts depending on how you feel about the seal ring (and the volume). If you don't mind pulling it out (it takes 20 seconds using a butter knife), then it's a 5 star product. If you thought you were getting a maintenance free blender with a small kitchen table footprint, then it's a 2 star product.

I end up giving it a 4 - it's a good product, horrendously loud (but it's a blender....so it's expected), but that seal ring is an occasional PITA. I'll probably just buy a small normal blender the next time.

Hope you found the review helpful!
rheanna marshall
rheanna marshall Reply to on 27 January 2018
I have had 2 blenders previously from Amazon which I have returned as I haven't been able to find a blender which can blend frozen fruit down smoothly, but this Nutri Ninja does the job!
It is so powerful and can break down anything to make a smooth and lump free smoothie/juice/whatever you want.
It is extremely powerful and therefore quite noisy but you only need to use it for a max of 1 minute, so the noise doesn't really matter. Super impressed with it and just wish I brought it sooner!
Wilkinson J.W.
Wilkinson J.W. Reply to on 16 June 2017
I've been using it every morning for the last 2 years for my breakfast: oats, pumpkin seeds etc...

I broke it once by going over the max line too often & they replaced it as that shouldn't have happened (customer service from Lakeland was sincerely amazing).

I compared it with the Nutribullet. They are quite similar but the main joint of the Nutribullet moved so letting liquid the possibility to leak.

The only 'difficulty' is to clean the part where the joint is but this is the trade off for having a product that won't leak.
Kulraj Atwal
Kulraj Atwal Reply to on 8 January 2018
I bought this to start making smoothies for breakfast, plan was to throw a mix of fresh and frozen veg and nuts. I rarely write reviews unless something is terrible or surpasses my expectations. This is brilliant. Very simple to use, I generally use the "blend" button for fresh stuff and ultra blend if I have ice or frozen fruits and veg (although you can manually stop and start it or use pulse as well). You press it once and it starts a 60 second timer and stops and starts it self to get the perfect smoothie after 60 seconds. This is a permanent resident on my kitchen worktop now. The main reason I love it is its very easy to clean, u can drink it in the same container you mixed it by changing the top and theres no nucks and crannies to clean.
Stefanie Reply to on 28 July 2017
I am really in love with this blender.
After reading that this blender makes a lot of noise, I was not sure but I have used it ever since I bought it probably now for 4 or 5 times with different things,....vegetables to make delicious cremes and smoothies. Can be also used for soups actually. Although I would only use cooled down ingredients after boiling plus it is not easy to get all of the solid texture out of the cup.

The quality: I really cannot complain, easy to clean, looks neat, nice rubber on the bottom that holds the blender in place. Tried different functions and all I can say is that I am amazed at this automatic functionality :). No need to check anymore manually, you will get your smoothie very smooth.

I have not tried it yet with frozen fruit.

Blade: Like others... i did not cut myself yet but you will see a big warning paper sent with the blender telling you to be cautious! :)

I am very happy with my purchase and so far can recommend it. And the noise..a motorcycle is louder than this but yes, maybe dont use a blender at 7am in the morning when others might sleep.
Sabrina Reply to on 25 January 2018
Why did I waste so much money buying cheap blenders instead of buying this straight away? It's amazing! It blends my protein shakes and frozen fruit effortlessly. I love the iq feature too, blending in short bursts to make sure all ingredients are blended perfectly. The cups are great sizes, firs lots of ingredients in. Highly recommended.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 16 January 2016
This is simply one of the most important gadgets you need in your kitchen. I train several times a week and am always trying to eat fast nutritious food. Smoothies can make perfect recovery drinks. My 6 year old son who is frightened of fruit loves milk shakes and smoothies so hey presto a quick blitz of some fruit with milk or ice cream and he is also having his 5 a day!
MJ Thompson
MJ Thompson Reply to on 21 January 2018
Fresh into the blending game but this does everything I expected it to do based on the other reviews.

2 x large cups (slightly different sizes)
2 x lids with flip lock lids that allow you drink straight out of the cup without removing the lid
1 x base unit
1 x blending blades
1 x pamphlet with a few recipe ideas

I’ve used this for smoothies and milkshakes, as well blending sauces up. Nothing seems to stop it blending despite some petty tough ingredients.

A number of reviews stated it was very loud but in my experience it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting and no louder than my old food processor, coffee grinder etc.

A few different settings but the one touch blend feature does everything for you so not played about too much.

If you like to blend things or think you might like to, you can do a lot worse than this Nutri Ninja that so far has lived up to all my expectations.
kelly Reply to on 21 May 2018
I purchased this product only six months ago, and there was a smokey smell when I turned the blender on this morning. It was also not grinding, the blades didn’t seem like they were moving. I took off the grinder attachment and cup to find the grooves all frayed, like they had burned out. It’s very odd, because I’ve always only had it a few months and only used this for smoothies. Very disappointing. Amazon say they won’t replace it because it’s been more than 30days since we bought this piece of junk, and they (lied?) and claimed they weren't the sellers. The manufacturer claims it's actually Amazon's fault as this WAS sold by them, so now I'm basically stuck in limbo.
SD Reply to on 14 December 2017
This is perfect. So easy to use and very easy to clean. It's also small, well compared to my old blender I had so it feels very compact now. The one thing I would say is that 'locking' (twisting) the container both on and off makes it feel like it could break if you are not careful! Otherwise, it would have got 5 stars. I now enjoy making my lovely kale, fruit, flax seed, chia seeds and green powder shakes every morning now. I buy my kale fresh but freeze it into portions which save me time washing it every morning.
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